Alliance for Housing and Healing

Alliance for Housing and Healing
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Permanent supportive housing, housing case management, group homes for populations living with HIV/AIDs.

Permanent Supportive Housing

For multi-diagnosed people living with HIV/AIDS, a stable place to live is critical to connecting to specialized care, adhering to often comlicated treatment regimens and to fostering the built-in support system that a family so often provides. CHOISS (Community Housing Options and Independent Supportive Sites – pronounced “choice”) is designed to allow destitute individuals dealing with symptomatic HIV and a verified second diagnosis–such as mental illness, substance abuse or physical disability–to live on their own, either alone or with family members, rather than on the street.

The housing consists of nearly 150 rental units leased across Los Angeles County. Alliance for Housing and Healing acts as liaison between the property manager and the CHOISS client, assisting its residents–who may be completely new to the responsibilities of independent living–on everything from understanding a lease agreement to general housekeeping. Alliance for Housing and Healing subsidizes rent, a portion of telephone and utilities and handles move-in, maintenance and lease-increase costs. Persons who are indigent pay no rent.

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Group Homes

With four group homes licensed as Residential Care Facilities for the Chronically Ill (RCFCI), we operate the longest-running assisted living programs for people living with HIV/AIDS in Los Angeles County. Casa Los Angeles is in the Pico-Crenshaw area, Casa Madona is near Downtown Los Angeles, and Soldano House and Casa de Corazon are in Long Beach.

​Under the direction of on-site residence managers, homes are staffed around the clock by caring, bilingual/bicultural certified nursing assistants (CNAs) trained to handle medical emergencies and supervise the daily care of our residents. CNAs also clean and disinfect the homes and prepare nutritionally balanced, HIV-specific meals that accommodate the complex requirements of highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART). A nurse case management team (registered nurse and social worker-MSW) provides on-site medical, nursing and social services. For services not provided on site, residents are linked with outside providers.

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Housing Case Management
Through the Housing Case Management Program, clients are able to overcome many of the barriers to finding and holding on to a stable place to live. Each client maps out an individualized service plan in conjunction with Alliance for Housing and Healing support staff and the case manager from the referral agency. Plans include short and long-term objectives based upon client goals and are designed to improve quality of life. All residents are assisted with their life challenges by Alliance for Housing and Healing professionals, who in turn work in close collaboration with more than 100 social service and medical providers to connect residents with a wide range of resources. These include HIV/AIDS medical care, HIV/AIDS education, mental health counseling, alcohol and drug-abuse services, case management, parenting skills, legal referrals, benefits counseling, transportation, and food banks. Alliance for Housing and Healing support staff regularly visit clients in their homes to monitor their progress and advocate on their behalf. A housing coordinator works with each household to ensure its physical needs are met and that client confidentiality is assured. – See more at:
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