Chinatown Service Center

Chinatown Service Center

Medical, Dental, Mental services.

Affordable Housing.

Established in 1971, the Chinatown Service Center is the largest community-based Chinese American health and human services organization in Southern California.

The mission of the private, non-profit organization is to provide services and advocacy that promote better quality of life and equal opportunity for immigrants and other communities and to help individuals adjust to American life.

The organization provides services in English and a variety of Chinese dialects: Cantonese, Mandarin, Toisan, Chiu Chow and other languages including Vietnamese, Spanish, and Khmer (Cambodian).

Every year, about 10,000 unduplicated individuals, over 80% in the low-to-moderate income range, are assisted through the Chinatown Service Center’s three major program areas:

1) Community Economic Development Department: This including a full service WorkSource Center providing job readiness, on-the-job training and job referral and placement for multilingual and multicultural clientele of adults (age 18 and over) and a Small Business Program offering in-language technical assistance, counseling and training.

2) Federally Qualified Community Health Center: This includes medical, dental, and behavioral health services.

3) Family and Community Department: This includes providing social services, a Child Development Center, a Youth Center, senior services and affordable housing services.

767 N. Hill Street, Suite 400
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Phone: (213) 808-1700
Fax: (213) 680-0787

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