Southern California Indian Center

Southern California Indian Center

Serving the American Indian community of Los Angeles, Orange and Riverside Counties for 46 years, Southern California Indian Centers provides much needed support and assistance in the areas of Workforce Development, Education, Family Support, Multimedia Training, and much more.

Southern California Indian Center’s Mission Statement

Southern California Indian Center, Inc. (SCIC) goals are to promote social and economic self-sufficiency for American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian people. To achieve these goals, SCIC’s objectives are:

  • To promote, foster and encourage programs for the general welfare, education and social benefit of our people;
  • To establish and maintain education, cultural, economic and recreational programs for our people;
  • To eliminate barriers of discrimination of race, religion and gender;
  • To educate and broaden the knowledge of the American public on American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian people’s issue and culture, regarding our positive contributions to society as a people


SCIC’s human service delivery system strives to meet the needs of the American Indian community and provide services for the urban Indian population in this area. SCIC has a staff of 35 with master’s level counselors, educators, and managers. Board members and staff also serve on standing committees and put on an annual Pow Wow as a major fundraiser for the year. The annual Pow Wow is one of the largest Pow Wows on the West Coast and provides additional funds for service programs for American Indians. With over 30,000 attendees, the Pow Wow helps to distribute information about services available to the American Indian community. For more information, contact SCIC:

3440 Wilshire Blvd., #904
Los Angeles, CA 90010
Phone: (213) 387-5772
Fax: (213) 387-9061

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