Non-Crisis Hotlines

Baby Safe Surrender: 1-877-222-9723

Earned Income Tax Credit/(EITC) Hotline: 1-800-601-5552

Identity Theft Unit: (213) 974-9459

The Identity Theft Unit provides assistance with stolen credit cards, credit reporting companies, bill collectors and others. Per Identity Theft, they help clients get their finances back to normal and stop thieves from making new charges.

Consumer Protection Services
Within LA County: (800) 593-8222
If Outside LA County: (213) 974-1452

Counselors answer questions about purchases, credit, automobiles, landlord tenant, identity
theft and other consumer problems. They will investigate complaints or provide counseling and referrals.

Family Planning/Birth Control Referrals: 1-800-942-1054

Health/Medical Services Referral: 1-800-300-4033

Hepatitis Information (American Liver Foundation): 1-800-223-0179

Los Angeles Housing Department: 1-866-557-7368

Mental Health Advocacy: 213-389-2077

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