APLA – AIDS Project Los Angeles

APLA – AIDS Project Los Angeles


Housing Assistance, HIV/STD Testing, Counseling Services, Treatment Education, Nutrition Education

AIDS Project Los Angeles programs and services are designed to promote self-sufficiency for people living with HIV/AIDS, to support positive medical outcomes, and to keep people living with HIV/AIDS in care and treatment programs.

APLA provides services in multiple locations, including at The David Geffen Center in Koreatown (our main site), at the S. Mark Taper Foundation in South Los Angeles, at AV Hope Services in the Antelope Valley and throughout West Hollywood.

View the program descriptions below to find the most convenient site for you.

For all services, eligibility requirements apply. For more information, including hours and directions, please call 213.201.1600 or visit our Contact Us page.

All programs below are offered at The David Geffen Center and other locations as noted.

Benefits & Insurance

The Benefits & Insurance Program provides expertise on HIV-related benefits and insurance issues. Benefits experts at APLA provide guidance on accessing a variety of public health care programs available to people with HIV/AIDS. Work Services provides counseling, direction and advocacy for people living with HIV/AIDS who are planning for their futures.

Case Management

Case Management Services are for people living with HIV/AIDS who need guidance and referrals as they navigate Los Angeles County’s medical, mental health and social services systems. Also in West Hollywood.


Clientline provides access to staff-trained and supervised interns or volunteers who answer questions and provide information about accessing services at APLA and throughout the community.

APLA Dental Services

APLA Dental Services offers offers a full range of dental care by professional staff in state-of-the-art facilities and through a mobile dental clinic, which reaches people living in underserved regions of Los Angeles. Clinics in downtown Los Angeles and South Los Angeles. For information on the mobile clinic schedule, please call 213.201.1388.


HIV L.A. & VIH L.A. are comprehensive directories – in English and Spanish, respectively – of HIV/AIDS services across Los Angeles County. HIV L.A. is printed in traditional magazine format and contains more than 1,600 service listings in 31 categories. HIV L.A. and VIH L.A. are also available as fully searchable, bilingual online databases at www.hivla.org.

Home Health

The Home Health Department provides intensive home and community based medical case management, psychosocial services and attendant care to clients diagnosed with symptomatic HIV or AIDS.

APLA International

APLA has partnered with several organizations across the globe to prevent HIV both at home and abroad. Current activities and partnerships exist in India, China, Latin America and South Africa.

Mental Health

Mental Health Services offers short-term individual, couples and family counseling, addictive behaviors counseling, support groups, on-call clinician hours and long-term therapy (for clients who meet eligibility criteria) with volunteer licensed therapists. Also in West Hollywood.

NOLP Food Pantries

The Necessities of Life Program (NOLP) Food Pantries provides food assistance to low-income qualifying individuals who are living with HIV/AIDS. Locations countywide.

Nutrition Education

The Nutrition Education Program advocates for early and ongoing medical nutrition therapy for all people living with HIV/AIDS. Click here for Nutrition classes calendar listings. Locations countywide.

Residential Services

The Residential Services Program assists people living with HIV/AIDS and their families to find and maintain safe, stable, affordable and permanent housing through Housing Case Management and the Housing Information Services Clearinghouse (HISC).

Treatment Adherence

The Treatment Adherence Program offers up-to-date information about HIV disease and related illnesses, treatment options and available clinical trials for persons with HIV disease and ongoing education and support to ensure compliance with prescribed treatment regimens.

Work Services

APLA’s Work Services Program provides counseling, direction and advocacy for people living with HIV who are planning for their futures.

If you have questions about APLA, becoming a client or about any of the services we offer, call us at 213.201.1600 during normal business hours or send an e-mail. We are happy to help.

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