Support The Relational Center

The Relational Center operates almost entirely on reusable human energy. Every person involved in our community is giving back as much as he or she is taking. This principle of “paying forward” whatever benefits are received has enabled this organization to survive and grow despite extremely challenging circumstances. You can count on us to recycle resources until they are completely exhausted. Nothing goes to waste.

So giving to our community is an investment in much more than just one thing. Your contribution is a gift to many people who will pass along your generosity to many more people. Ultimately, your support has an effect on hundreds of people you don’t even know.

We need financial gifts. But there are other opportunities to give to The Relational Center, both directly and indirectly. As you browse through those options by navigating at the sidebar to the left, please consider whether there are contributions you would like to make to our community.

You can also give by volunteering. Most of the labor of keeping our operations afloat is performed by volunteers. If you are interested in committing time and energy to keeping our community going, we welcome your help, from administrative support to resource development to event planning. To explore ways to get involved in our community, contact Mark Fairfield, Executive Director, at