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Basics (identity, adress, bankaccount etc) – Food – Shelter, Special Situation (college student, disability, teenager, senior citizen, minority, homeless with childeren etc.) – Medical – Transportation – Income – Housekeeping – Long term fixes (Advice/tips) – Other Resources (salvation army).101 Resources if you are flat broke Living cash only and debt free


KFAM (formerly known as Korean American Family Service Center)

Office Hours
Monday – Friday, 9:00AM – 5:30PM
(Saturday & Evening appointments
available upon request)

Telephone: (213) 389-6755
Fax: (213) 389-5172
E-mail: admin@kfamla.org

24-Hour Toll-Free Crisis Hotline: (888) 979-3800

3727 West 6th Street, Suite 320
Los Angeles, CA 90020
(Corner of Harvard and 6th)

(KOREAN-Speaking Only)  Staff is bilingual.


Our dedicated, skilled team of 19 bilingual, bicultural staff and 10 year-round volunteers serve over 7,000 adults and children each year. Our high quality, holistic services respond directly to the challenges among Korean American families undergoing trauma or adaptation and acculturation stresses. Our goal is to help build a community where children and adults are safe from violence, where parents are empowered to nurture healthy relationships and healthy children, and distressed individuals find recovery, hope and wellness.

KFAM offers parenting classes for self-referred clients and those who are mandated by the LA County Department of Child and Family Services or the Probation Department. Focusing on child development, family communication, discipline and family relationships, these courses teach parents valuable and practical skills on positive, constructive parenting.

KFAM is approved by the LA County Probation Office to run a 52-week Batterer’s Intervention Program for court-ordered clients to address their use of violence.

Jenesse Center

Jenesse Center



For shelter and other assistance, call the
Jenesse Hotline | 1-800-479-7328
Available 24 Hours A Day | 7 Days A Week

Jenesse Center, Inc. is the oldest domestic violence intervention program in South Los Angeles. The Center was founded in 1980 by five African American women who were survivors of domestic violence. Our mission is to provide victims of domestic violence with a comprehensive, centralized base of support to assist them in addressing their immediate crisis and changing the patterns of their lives.

Domestic Violence Crisis Hotline

* Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
* Coordination of emergency transportation
* Initial intake
* Paraprofessional counseling

Case Management

* Assists clients in assessing their needs and goals
* Coordinates the receipt of all services and participation in programmatic classes
* Advocates for housing solutions and financial resources
* Facilitates “Client Domestic Violence Certification” program
* Assists client in developing a self-determined plan for self-sufficiency

Vocational Education Program

* Professional Education: computer skills, resume writing, career counseling, job search
* Financial Freedom Program: budgeting, banking, saving
* G.E.D., Community College and Online degree program enrollment

Mental Health Program

* Individual, group, peer and family counseling by registered MFT counselors and interns
* Domestic Violence Education classes
* Empowerment and Enrichment classes
* Anger Management classes
* Substance Abuse groups
* Sexual Assault groups

Legal Services

* Legal education including legal rights and safe environment training
* Procure restraining orders
* Emergency protective orders
* VAWA immigration
* Landlord tenant disputes
* Section 8 housing
* Civil law
* Family law
* Court accompaniment

Jenesse Legal Clinic

For Domestic Violence Restraining Orders
Located in the Inglewood Superior Courthouse
Don Stephenson: (310) 419-6788

Children and Adolescent’s Enrichment Program

* Parenting classes
* Children’s case management
* Individual and family counseling
* Tutoring and educational activities
* JMAC: After-school parent-child relationship building program
* Holiday programs and activities
* Camp Jenesse – Summer Enrichment Program


* Assessments by registered nurse
* Health care referrals and follow-up services
* Health education classes: nutrition, fitness and healthy living, stress relief


* Available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week
* Collaboration with law enforcement to ensure safe transportation when necessary
* Client transportation available for: housing, medical and dental appointments; social service appointments; Jenesse programmatic classes
* Court appointments

Educational Programs

* 40-Hour Certified Domestic Violence Training
* Domestic Violence outreach to schools, businesses and the greater community
* “Stop the Hurting” Program for the education of employers about the impact of domestic violence on job performance
* “BeSo You!” youth program for teens and tweens

The California Safely Surrendered Baby Law

Under the California Safely Surrendered Baby Law (SSB), a parent or a person with lawful custody can safely surrender a baby confidentially and without fear of prosecution within 72 hours of birth. The SSB law requires the baby to be taken to a public or a private hospital, designated fire station or other safe-surrender site. No questions will be asked. The law provides a safe alternative to desperate mothers who are unwilling or unable to keep their babies.

Babies who are safely surrendered at a hospital are given medical treatment and placed in a foster home or a preadoptive home. At the time of the surrender, a bracelet is placed on the baby for identification purposes and a matching bracelet is provided to the parent or the lawful guardian, in case the baby is reclaimed.

A parent or a person with lawful custody has up to 14 days from the time of surrender to reclaim a baby.

Child Recreation & Tutoring


The L.A. KIDS Program is implemented by the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks, made possible by a Community Development Block Grant and funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (H.U.D.).

Mission Statement:

The mission of L.A. KIDS is to promote the development of youth in low-income areas and offer equal access to quality recreation programs by providing FREE challenging physical, educational and social activities to occupy the youth’s time constructively and prevent juvenile delinquency.  Our goal is to provide valuable programs and nutrition in a well-supervised, safe, structured and nurturing environment.

Since 1996, L.A. KIDS has been providing FREE recreational opportunities for our City’s youth ages 5-18 at their local neighborhood recreation center.  This program provides young people a level playing field with equal access to quality recreational and educational programming.  Currently, there are over 100 recreation centers that are a designated L.A. KIDS site throughout the greater Los Angeles area.


To locate a recreation center near you, please visit the L.A. KIDS web site or contact their office:


Contact Us

LA Kids Principal Recreation Supervisor I
3900 Chevy Chase Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90019
Mail Stop #: 628/7
Gonzalo Manrique
Telephone: (213) 485-4841, (213) 485-9288
Fax: (818) 243-0074
Telephone: (213) 485-1310
LA Kids Classes LA Kids Sports
Senior Recreation Facility Director II Recreation Facility Director
Linda Fisher Charlton A. Burton
Telephone: (323) 226-1404 Telephone: (213) 485-4841