The Ness Counseling Center

Ness Counseling Center, Inc.

8512 Whitworth Dr.

Los Angeles, CA 90035

Service/Intake and Administration: 310-360-8512


Sexual offender counseling is an ongoing program for all types of offenders from pre-adolescents to adults. Shoplifter diversion is supported by the courts and can be mandated as part of probation.

The agency provides drug counseling in the Special Adolescent sex offender counseling program.

Staff facilitate court-ordered monitored visits and neutral exchanges between non-custodial parents and/or other family members and children. Visits take place on site, in a safe and controlled environment. A maximum of six months of services, two hours per week is provided by the S.A.F.E. program. Parents who do not qualify for this program may participate in the agency’s other parenting programs.

Prop 36/PC 1000 Drug/Alcohol Counseling


Parenting skills development is divided into specific classes for court ordered individuals, parents of adolescents, parents of children with disabilities and/or special needs, parents of elementary school-aged children, and parents of toddlers. Class materials and lesson plans focus on issues related to these target groups. Separate programs are provided for parents of infants and preschoolers through the expectant/new parents assistance program. The Roosevelt-Bilingual Community Adult School does not have parenting classes for court order individuals but does have general parenting skills development classes available.


Parent Education prepares parents to apply proven methods in assuring their children’s academic and personal development. Parents are provided with a variety of learning opportunities within a supportive educational environment that may include the children’s participation. Over 50 developmentally-structured, topic-focused Parent Education courses are offered.